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emsCharts mobile
With today’s technology, emergency service personnel are able to collect electronic patient information in real-time by using emsCharts mobile software for tablet PCs and notebook computers.  A secure and efficient companion software to emsCharts, emsCharts mobile facilitates mobile pre-hospital data collection and command control.

emsCharts mobile Features

emsCharts mobile delivers all of the data input capabilities of emsCharts combined with the power of mobile computing.  Installing emsCharts mobile on a Windows Tablet XP platform allows the flexibility of mobile patient charting and data collection while providing advanced features such as the following:

Touch-screen technology for easy, one-touch program navigation
Quick Action screen for single-click events in rapid succession
Handwriting recognition, signature support, and freehand notepad
Reference Documents link for easy access to protocols, drug references, and other important resources
Wireless data transfer abilities between devices, allowing BLS crews to share data with ALS or Air Medical services on-scene
Large, user-friendly interface to facilitate rapid data entry
Advanced reporting features available to build custom reports and to access over 100 standard reports
Flexible & scalable to satisfy the needs of any service
State-of-the-art data encryption for security and superior HIPAA compliance

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (if you are planning on using an EKG monitor import, please contact emsCharts Support for limitations with specific monitor vendors).


Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium III Processor or higher

Memory (RAM): 1GB

Disk Space: 300 MB

Display: 800 X 600 resolution

Digitized screen required for signature capabilities


Optional Recommended Components:

 - Bluetooth

 - Wireless Network

 - Vehicle Docking Station

 - Extra Batteries

 - Wireless capability


Additional Considerations:

For full functionality of handwriting recognition, notepad, and signatures features, the tablet hardware should have digitizer capability.  A digitizer is a thin, electrostatic film just under the LCD screen of the computer that senses the movements of the active pen on the tablet. 



Frequently Asked Questions


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